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Activities of our Organization (Kurdistan Economic Development Organization) in the field of

 (protection) children's rights and education in general:

1-The establishment of a center for the care of displaced children in Sulaymaniyah in 1996 with local support, and the support of the World Food Program. More than 300 children benefited from it. The center continued until 2004

2- Educating the health of the children of 10 schools in 1998 in Sulaymaniyah with the support of the British CA and in coordination with the General Directorate of Education, benefiting 2,150 children

3 - Establishment of a special center for working children of displaced persons for rehabilitation in 1998-1999 in Sulaymaniyah with the support of DC Dutch and benefiting more than 100 children

4 - Establishment of a center for the return of displaced children who dropped out of school in 1999-2000 in Sulaymaniyah with the support of the Dutch CD, where more than 100 displaced children benefited and 80% of them returned to school

5-  Preparation, publication and printing of 250 copies of children's magazine or children's rights in Sulaymaniyah in 1999 with the local support 

6 - We were the first organization we took part in Implementing a project to organize a advocacy campaign for the protection of school children from violence in 2001-2002 in Sulaymaniyah with the support of the Save Children Organization of the United Kingdom SC-UK , where more than 30 governmental and non-governmental organizations (civil society organizations) participated for one year following the efforts of Campaign Activities The Ministry of Education (Green Zone) has issued a decision to prevent the use of violence in schools towards children. 
- success story:- This decision and implementation is a success story for our organization, all campaign participants and for the Save Children Organization of the United Kingdom SC-UK

7- ( 19 )television episodes for the protection of the rights of the child were carried out through the GK channel in 2001-2002 in the Region with the support of the United Kingdom Save Children SC-UK and in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture.

8- Organizing a training course on the protection of children's rights for 3 days, attended by 35 school principals in Sulaymaniyah in 2002 with the support of the British Save Children Organization SC-UK and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

9 - Translation with the publication and printing of 6500 copies of the book ( peacemaking skills of little kids ) in 2003-2004 and distributed to more than 500 schools of Khanaqin and Sulaymaniyah by the Ministry of education the project supported by the American DAI and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and was trained 216 supervisors and teachers on how to teach The book and the purpose of the project was to teach children to live in peace and stay away from all forms of violence

10. Conducting a field research on the use of domestic violence against children in Sulaymaniyah in 2003-2004 with the support of the British the Save Children Organization SC-UK and in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. The results showed a high percentage of families using violence against children, after publishing and printing 250 copies were distributed to interested parties. Researchers took the research as a source of their studies on family violence towards children

11. Again, our organization organized advocacy campaign to prevent domestic violence against children in 2004 - 2005 in Sulaymaniyah, with the support of the British the Save Children Organization SC-UK. And Thirty-two governmental and non-governmental parties (Civil Society Organizations) participated with training course for school social workers. Other for school principals have been instructed to guide the parents of children to get away from violence. 500 copies of the pamphlet have been prepared, printed and distributed to guide parents to stay away from violence towards children and have achieved impressive results. The judicial authorities have begun to punish parents when they abuse children and others begun to monitor the abuses against children 

11-KEDO awarded a grant from Mercy Corps funded by BPRM to implement The Advancing Adolescence program in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. The program  work with refugees (50%), IDPs and host community adolescents ages 12-19 and supportive role model youth ages 19-30 to serve as coaches and youth leaders, the program  for strengthen social capital, develop knowledge, skills will establish adolescent-friendly safe spaces for young people to Adolescent Friendly Space and their ability to collaboratively pursue personal and community development goals, This approach  ensure that the program is addressing underlying tensions between target communities and turning crisis into opportunity by building relationship networks and mutual understanding in a context where they would otherwise not exist, through participation in psychosocial, life skills, short‐term goal setting and recreational activities, as well as community projects to build social cohesion implemented jointly by refugee, IDP and host community youth, adolescent girls and boys will develop leadership and decision‐making skills while gaining greater confidence, self‐esteem, self-efficacy and trust in those around them, and we particularly sensitive to the markedly different challenges and opportunities faced by boys and girls and the organization provides age and sex divided spaces, learning materials, and experiences, to allow each young person to develop to their fullest potential.



12- PSS activities for children and youth for social cohesion between different IDP groups, refugee and host community: Drawing on profound stress frameworks and attunement techniques, we consider this an essential precursor to working with vulnerable Refugee, IDP and Host Community adolescents affected by the crisis. As one method for reducing social aggression, KEDO supports promoting empathy and the further development of intellectual, social and emotional well-being – attachment to self, families, and communities


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