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REVIVE program

 KEDO in a partnership with Mercy Corps established new business hub in Chamchamal, Sulaymaniyah Governorate
 The purpose of these hubs is to provide a physical location where job seekers and entrepreneurs can meet each other, In addition, these hubs will serve as centers to conduct events, meetings, and training sessions designed under REVIVE program. 


Outcome 1: Employable people have sustainable jobs (new jobs are created).

-Opportunities for internships/job placements are increased through private sector engagement.

-Individuals are employed at private sector/MSME partners in need of skilled labor. 


Outcome 2: Micro, Small, Medium enterprises are created and/or supported, focused on women empowerment and vulnerable populations.

-Business opportunity Mapping been conducted.
-Grants provided to those who have viable business concept and ideas.
-Existing micro and small enterprises  are able to expand and/or scale-up their existing business.
Ongoing coaching and mentoring for start-ups and scale-ups is provided. 


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