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About Us

About Us

KEDO is non-profit and non-governmental organization it is basically founded to the build up the poorest people's capacity to deal with their difficulties and to alleviate their poverty through initiating income generating projects. Social and cultural development and influencing decision makers to account for their interests.

Our organization (Kurdistan Economic Development Organization) has started its activities in the fields of entrepreneurship, income generation, providing income sources for affected families, supporting small businesses and microcredit since 1997.
These activities are in line with the vision of our organization to participate in combating or reducing poverty, and we refer briefly to the most important activities carried out:
1 - Establishment of a sewing workshop for women affected in 1997 in Sulaimaniyah and continued until the year 2000 and benefited more than 15 women and was founded with local support
2 - In 1999 we started a small loan project for widowed women to support their small businesses in Rizgari - Which lasted for three years and was used by 80 widows and was supported by Christian Aid.
3. A large project implemented for widows Anfal started in 2000 and lasted for two years. It provided sheep and goats to 1886 widows in 250 villages and 6 districts in Kalar, Darbandikhan, And Maidan with the construction of an animal shed each with their literacy session with health awareness and was supported by the World Food Program
4. Small-scale micro-credit project for women heads of household in the province of Bazian in 2002, benefiting 168 women supported by the Dutch Consortium DC with a course on how to study the market or a simplified feasibility study and another course on how to manage the loan project by the women themselves With a literacy course
5. In 2004, a project for women small business owners was launched. The survey was conducted in three residential areas in the cities of Sulaymaniyah, Erbil and Dohuk with three workshops in the three cities with the support of the American organization RTI. More than 150 women participated in the workshops The aim was to know the role of women in the economy, ie the private sector, and their development

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