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Sport activities (ping pong-tennis, Volleyball, Basketball)

...Sport activities (ping pong-tennis, Volleyball, Basketball):AA program sensitive to the markedly different challenges and opportunities faced by boys and girls and the organization provides age and sex divided spaces, learning materials, and experiences, to allow each young person to develop to their fullest potential.

-Sport activities were also among the most important activities that were done in the center. Youths from all of the three communities participated in them. The activities included: Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis, etc.  The importance of these activities lies in some different aspects such as creating a social cohesion atmosphere that almost everyone enjoyed, providing entertainment to make the adolescents forget about their life stress and problems for a while, learning about forgiveness and accepting one another through the activities. Moreover, females were also encouraged to participate in the activities. There were some special classes opened for them by the center to learn how to play the games in order to improve their kinesthetic skills. This way of encouraging the females can be considered as a positive approach to make changes in the society because it lets them demonstrate their potential skills and abilities.


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