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...World Refugee Day – Haircut

...World Refugee Day – Haircut:
On June 20, 2017, which meets International Refugee Day, we have organized an event for the Refugees in order to get a haircut. It's a tradition in the Muslims countries thatbefore Eid, people get new clothes, get haircuts, and have delicious food. We thought that it will be great if we managed to have barbers in our center. We were thrilled to find 15 volunteers that were available for a day just a couple of days before Eid. Those 15 barbers have brought their own tools and mirrors. They were very excited to start working on the children. They started at 10:00 AM and finished at 3:45. They worked very hard to get them children get the style that they want. Each one of them had his own demands. One wanted spiky, another wanted classic and so on. After all, 102 participants have benefited from this drop in that we had. They were ready for Eid with their new hair styles that they got from our wonderful 15 volunteers. And let's not forget the effort that our members here in KEDO have put to make this go well. They worked unreservedly to organize the kids and playing with them until the event finished.


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