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Little Fatima is from Anbar,

Little Fatima is from Anbar, Ramadi. By the times he was 8 years old her life turned upside down. Due to the economic and political instability, the people in Ramadi went on a strike in an attempt to ask for correction and reformatory. Unfortunately, this resulted in the appearance of the ISIS and the bloody battles broken out.
Fatima lost an eye in a tragic accident, she got exploded by a bomb with her father and he passed away.
Soon after, there were many families who were obliged to leave the place where they were living in hope of finding somewhere safe, and Fatima's family were not an exception. They fled to Karbala, but life was even difficult out there and they couldn't make it. After that they headed to Sulaimani in 2015 and settled there where she was living with her grandmother.
Due to that tragic accident and the hardships that she went through she was ruined psychologically and lost her confidence, she even couldn't keep going to school since she has been insulted and mocked by her classmates. She didn't want to get engaged in school activities and was mentally wounded, she was lost and pessimistic.
Now she attends Kurdistan economic development organization, she is no longer the depressed and unconfident girl she used to be, with the help of the organization she overcame the difficulties. Now she is back to school without the fear of being mocked by other children since she has been working on building self-confidence, now she is psychologically stable and mentally peaceful, and she has been registered into a hospital so that an operation would be performed on her eye.
KEDO supports Fatima and other refugees by providing them a friendly safe space, and encouraging them to work toward their dreams.


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