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- In 2012 organized advocacy campaign (to promote transparency and accountability) as results of research carried out by the organization in 2011 with support from CIPE after holding four workshops related parties rep, and take part in the campaign, members of parliament and government representatives, the private sector and civil society and the media and through the years 2012.2013 has been to achieve the following objectives:.
1-formation of the Integrity Commission.
2-approving the right of access to information law.
3-activate the BSA finance monitoring department.

the campaign is still ongoing and aims to influence public policies to promote transparency and accountability.

- Advocacy campaign project  with Mercy Corps funded by USAID about (Transparency and accountability on oil and gas revenue and establishing fund for oil and gas revenue under supervision parliament of Kurdistan Region)
-after 8 months of working finally we achieved passage of the Oil & Gas Revenue Fund law through the Kurdistan Parliament

The Oil and Gas Revenue Fund law authorizes the Council of Ministers to nominate a board, approved by the Parliament, that will provide public accounts for the revenue that the KRG accrues from oil exports, refined products, and oil company bonuses within the framework of the KRG’s oil and gas contracts, the Kurdistan Oil and Gas Law no 22 of 2007 and the Iraq Constitution of 2005.

The Oil and Gas Revenue Fund is an important institutional  development in the KRG, and was instigated and sponsored by MNR to bolster transparency in the oil and gas sector.

Members of parliament, and the Kurdistan Regional Government Council of Ministers for the entry of the law into the Region’s statute books. MNR will ensure that the new legislation is implemented as soon as possible


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