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Prompting transparency and accountability

campaign of prompting transparency and accountability
Our campaign for promoting transparency and accountability, established in 2012, currently involving more than (50)civil society organizations , syndicates private sector , Academic , and media , most the campaign activities were done voluntary it formed for addressing problems of:
-lack transparency and accountability especially in oil revenues and other regional   income and expenditures
-weak rule of law
-mix between authority and capital, the political parties have trade companies and controlled the market and private sector.
-weak role of parliament and judiciary.
After (10) visiting for leadership of political parties in the region and (2) visiting for head of parliament, (1) visit for deputy of prime minister
(1) Meeting with prime minister and (21) meetings (12) workshop, (8) press conferences, (5) poison papers and (50) T.V and radios interviews, our campaign achieved objectives above:.
1-Activating department (Diwan) of monitoring the Finance.
2-Implementing the law of general board of integrity.
3-adapting law for establishing fund for revenues of oil and gas in April 2015.
4-Improving the services of social supports.
5-depend on our request and others request the parliament agreed review it’s internal system and started the process of review unfortunately stopped with disrupt the parliament.
6-the campaign requested in several memo submitted to decision makers with requests of others , the parliament and political parties agreed for preparing new draft of the constitution of the region , the process stopped with disrupt the parliament.
In the current situation in the region (IKR) we as campaign have prepared plan for solving finance problems and other plan for solving problems of electricity, during the meeting with deputy of prime minister, we submitted two mentioned plans, he stated that there are common points between their views and our views, after few days we sent 2 plans for prime minister with our delegates he stated the plans are reasonable

Next plan:
 The campaign currently focusing on reform process for most of sectors by preparing plans for decision markers , submitting their for decision makers , follow up all submitted plans , mobilizing people contacting with other reform groups for creating pressure on decision markers , and expanding the coalition (campaign)

Demands of campaign:
The campaign needs consultation, moral support, technical (skills, experiences), and financial support   


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