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Tooth examination (Drop-in)

Tooth examination (Drop-in)
         Better teeth lead to a better health. Teeth are more variable than a diamond, so one should always take care of them. On May 10th, we decided to hold a drop-in session for some of our members in KEDO. Four future dentists from Mercy Eye have decided to give us a visit in order to give health awareness, and to check up some participants that we have in KEDO. To be accurate, there were 73 beneficiaries in this session. They were given a checkup for their teeth, and an address to a local, governmental, free hospital that they can attend in order to get medicine or to get help from doctors with tools. The beneficiaries were happy about this checkup, because as we all know, we all need to take care of our teeth because when we lost them, we cannot return the originals ever. The aim of this drop in was too aware the people about how important our teeth are, and how it can be dangerous if we ignored them. And as it's mentioned before, a tooth can be more variable than a diamond in some points in life. After all, the doctors from Mercy Eye were pleasured to have our members, and the pleasure was to our beneficiaries, who benefited a lot, and they will take advantage to go and see a doctor as soon as possible after they are aware of the problems that they had.  10-May-2017teaching environment.


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