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.“We could still dream of a better life,”

...“We could still dream of a better life,” she said

Hayat was barely two months old when war broke out in Iraq 2003. At first, life was much the same as before in the sleepy village near the ancient ruins of Salahaddin, where her family lived. Hayat’s is just one story among millions affected by the war in Iraq, her father working occasional construction jobs to provide for the family, leaving his wife to run the household back home.
 Hayat was diagnosed with a hearing impairment at the age of one-and-a-half and began wearing a hearing aid, visiting a specialist in Baghdad for check-ups every three months. Soon after, beginning in 2014, the conflict that until now had raged in other parts of Iraq gradually began to affect their lives.  “Armed groups would come and go – none of us knew who was fighting whom,” Hayat said.
“At first you could still move around. Then people stopped travelling after dark, and after a while it became impossible to move at any time. People were too afraid to leave the village for any reason.
-After that from beginning of 2016 they displaced to Sulaymaniyah, she spent most of her time at small and unorganized house, when she involved in innovate activities She learned some exercises to practice at home by herself. Moreover, she had the chance learn English with courses participants to have some fun and meet new friends. And she is very excited to participate in other activities like a field trip and community projects.


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