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Hiba from Anbar, Qaim "living a happy life with her family."

...- Hiba Hardan is a twenty-one-year-old woman. She is from Anbar, Qaim. Before breaking out the ISIS battles, she was living her normal life with her husband and her child, but then they were facing many disastrous situations. The family's economical state was predictably turning unstable. They were facing death and their life was about to be ruined completely. Then, seeking protection they ran away to Kurdistan and lodged in Sulaimani. After a few months, she participated in a sewing course in KEDO center. She was so interested in the course and took benefit from it to a great extent that she became one of the best dressmakers. Now, she intends to open up her own dressmaking shop. She is planning on carrying out this project and she's so confident that she believes she can handle it on her own. She thinks to open that shop is a great opportunity to show her skills and support her family since her husband is unemployed so far. She believes that she no longer depends on anyone to earn a living. " I do really take benefit from this career. I've been sewing my relative and friend's clothes since I've become a dressmaker. I'm pretty sociable and friendly now" she says. With the help of the organization, Hiba is no longer the isolated and depressed woman who used to walk aimlessly and without having any specific goal. Now, she's confident, skillful and able to take a path towards a bright future. Now, she has two children and is living a happy life with her family.


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