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Emergency and Relief (RRM & IRR) program

Emergency and Relief program

KEDO in cooperation with Mercy Corps / funded by , UNICEF, WFP started the distribution process for IDPs. The process initiated from the17th of August 2014

The distribution process includes these areas: 
Sulaymaniyah, Halabja Governorate, Hallabja Taza, Penjween, Barzinja Camp, Arbat Camp, Ashti Camp, Said Sadiq, Sitak, Chwarta, Mawt, Surdash, Dukan, Qalat-Dizah, Piramagroonm, Bazyan, Bainjan, Chwar-Qurna, Ranya, Arbat,  
In the span of four months, the number of beneficiaries was 10,240 families, which approximates to 60,250 individuals


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